Give Your Charleston Home a Fresh Laundry Room Makeover!

Laundry day may be the most dreaded day of the week, especially if you dread heading into your cramped laundry room. A Closet Case specializes in custom laundry room shelves, cabinets for laundry room, laundry organizers and laundry organization systems. We have all the tools it takes to make your laundry room a place of fresh retreat. We can take your chaotic laundry mess and turn it into one of your favorite places in the house. Enjoy the scent of freshly washed clothes, no more dirty clothes piles on the floor and perfectly organized laundry room cabinets!

Our laundry organizers include baskets, bins, shelves, fold down ironing boards, adjustable hanging rods and more! Don’t ever trip over dirty clothes, lose another sock or spend hours separating darks from lights again. We have the best organization systems available to make a custom laundry room for you - where everything has a place and can be easily reached!

Start your laundry room design now! Call us today for a free consultation and an inside look at our laundry organization systems!